• We are pleased to confirm that our continuing training is bearing dividends and both Ron Boorman, Billy Ledwich and Amy Montgomery have passed their re-accreditation as NAFDI trained Fire Door Inspectors. We have invested in further training in Fire Door remedial works and have successfully expanded this area of our business with two new blue chip Clients.

    by March 2024 Update

  • Power Office Services transitioned to an Employee Ownership Trust in September 2023. Whilst in the medium term there is no foreseeable change of personnel, the shareholders decided to transfer ownership to the employees “We’re empowering our employees by giving them ownership,” said POS Director Jackie Fisher ‘”Our team is hard working, committed and leaders in their field, and now they are owners of Power Office Services”. The transition to an EOT model means the dedicated team members who have driven our success now hold a genuine stake in the business.

    by October 2023 Update

  • We are proud to announce a further two engineers, Ross and Amy, have become accredited with NAFDI (National Association of Fire Door Inspectors) to enable us to meet the growing demand for Fire Door Inspections particularly in buildings containing Residential units over 11m in height.
    We also undertake all remedial works identified in our reports and install new certified Fire Doors. Call Sarah or Jackie for more information.

    We have invested in more electric vehicles for our fleet and then last remaining Diesel vehicle will be phased out shortly.

    In other news, we are 20 years old this month and would like to thank all of our Clients and Suppliers for helping us to get here. There are some exciting new developments taking place internally – watch this space!

    by April 2023 Update

  • Whilst still working remotely, we have plans to re-open our Office by the end of June. We are assisting many of our Clients with their plans to re-open too. From reconfiguration of partitions and desk modules to ensuring that lighting and water supplies remain safe and legal, if you need any assistance or free advice, please call and speak to one of us. We can also source desk and room dividers, signage and  automatic hand washing stations. All of our engineers have safely worked through each lockdown with full Covid 19 PPE and Covid 19 Working Safely Training.

    Many of you may have a Health & Safety Audit and a Fire Risk Assessment when you re-open. We have been extremely busy in the last six months carrying out Fire Door inspections (we have a trained Fire Door inspector and belong to the National Association  of Fire Door Inspectors) and remedial works, fire stopping and carrying out Health and Safety audit works such as highlighting, making areas safe, providing signage and line marking. Please feel free to send us your audit and we will provide a free Quote to complete the works.

    We look forward to seeing you all again soon.

    The POS Team



    by May 2021