Whilst still working remotely, we have plans to re-open our Office by the end of June. We are assisting many of our Clients with their plans to re-open too. From reconfiguration of partitions and desk modules to ensuring that lighting and water supplies remain safe and legal, if you need any assistance or free advice, please call and speak to one of us. We can also source desk and room dividers, signage andĀ  automatic hand washing stations. All of our engineers have safely worked through each lockdown with full Covid 19 PPE and Covid 19 Working Safely Training.

Many of you may have a Health & Safety Audit and a Fire Risk Assessment when you re-open. We have been extremely busy in the last six months carrying out Fire Door inspections (we have a trained Fire Door inspector and belong to the National AssociationĀ  of Fire Door Inspectors) and remedial works, fire stopping and carrying out Health and Safety audit works such as highlighting, making areas safe, providing signage and line marking. Please feel free to send us your audit and we will provide a free Quote to complete the works.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon.

The POS Team